The following information will come in handy as you plan to embark on your journey and prepare to leave. Moreover our student counselor will also assist you.


 – In case of students studying in Russian medium they will undergo a ten months preparatory faculty in which they will be mastered with the language, this will enable them undergo their entire education in Russian language.



 – In case of students undergoing education with training in English medium you will have Russian language class every week throughout the first three years of education which will help you to undergo your clinical studies.



 – The migration card is the document, which testifies that the student has crossed the border of the Russian Federation. It is an obligatory document for the further processing of the student registration. Without the migration card the registration on the territory of Russian Federation cannot be done and the student would be deported back to the home country.



 – The Visa is processed only after the payment of fees to the Academy/University and submission of all other relevant documents in appropriate time.



 – You may carry currency and valuables as permitted by the Reserve Bank of India. The Reserve Bank of India permits you to take your institute fees as prescribed in your admission letter and up to USD 3000 per year for your expenses as travel allowance. You should only remember that when passing through customs on entry to Russia, you have to declare the amount of money you have, list of your valuables. You retain this declaration, checked by the Customs officer, throughout your stay in the country and it enables you to take back home your unspent money and personal valuables indicated on your entry declaration.



 -In Russia the currency is Rubles. Exchange of currency into Rubles may be done at currency exchange points of all banks which are readily available every where.

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