I scored good marks in my Hsc exams, but eventually I could not get a seat for MBBS in Delhi. I and my father contacted Dr.Amit Kamle from Delhi when I eventually made up my mind to study in Kazan State Medical University. There were many agents in Delhi who were charging exuberant fees for admission. But my family and I decided to secure my admission through A.K.Educational Consultants only. I had never seen sir personally still the way he coordinates and makes sure that every detailed information reaches me and my family. The way sir and his entire team guided us was really heart touching, all our doubts were over. I really thank him for everything he has done.


From childhood I had dreamt to become a doctor. I couldn't get a seat in India, so I wanted to repeat one year. But I found out about A.K.Educational Consultants. I contacted Dr.Amit sir and he guided me and my parents positively. Now I am studying in Kazan State Medical University. Sir was with us right from India till Kazan, he took care that everything was comfortable for me. Thank you for the support A.K.Educational Consultants.


I was determined to study MBBS in First Moscow Medical University after I.M Sechenov, I & my father contacted some agencies and consultancies in Mumbai which initially promised to give admission in Moscow but after paying them they started giving me reasons that the University is not accepting me and that I should study in some other University. I was depressed and heart broken as my documents and money were with them. But I didn't give up and then I contacted A.K.Educational Consultants. Dr.Amit sir guided me properly, gave correct suggestions and I followed them and now I am studying in First Moscow Medical University after I.M Sechenov. I owe this to Dr.Amit Kamle sir because of whom my year got saved and I am chasing my dreams.

I would only like to suggest my fellow colleagues and parents don't fall prey to agencies and consultancies boasting how authentic they are. They are just fake!

Thank you A.K.Educational Consultants from the bottom of my heart.


I thank Dr.Amit Sir for making my dream come true. I am in Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy. It's a beautiful city. The environment, teaching staff, administration department are very friendly and helpful. I feel at home in Nizhny Novgorod.


After a gap of 1 year I had lost hope of getting admission in MBBS because of my CET score. I contacted Dr.Amit Kamle and he guided me and motivated me not to lose hope & believe in myself. I am different person altogether now more enthusiastic, more mature & confident. I am grateful to God that he has selected Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy for me.


Welcome Friends to NNSMA If you want the best career for you to happen in Russia. Then it has to be A.K.Educational Consultants as your career planner! Go to any agent in Maharashtra for your admission. You cannot be satisfied with anyone, trust me for that. Go east or west A.K.Educational Consultants are the best.


I met Dr.Amit Kamle, Dean & the administration of Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy in a seminar organized in Nasik and was thoroughly inspired by the seminar. I knew I had to be there, because this is where I want to go! Thank you Amit sir so much for the help. I will always be grateful to you.


Confusion, mixed ideas, restlessness was the phase in my life before joining Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy. I was keen to join Tver Medical Academy but I contacted some friends of mine in Tver Medical Academy,Russia and was informed that only 1st to 3rd year are taught in English in Tver and from the 4th year to 6th in Russian. I had sittings with Amit sir and my family for at least a month when I finally decided that my destiny is Nizhny Novgorod. I thank sir for accepting my application and sending me in a great world class Academy.


Well friends…..Nagpur is full of agents, subagents, fake agents promising admissions in Kazan State Medical University. Unfortunately I also approached such a subagent nearby my residence. I was observing that there is some thing wrong happening in the procedure as only scanned documents were given, false commitments, no authorizations were shown and my previous agent could not speak Russian language. More over the agent was boldly writing MD in front of his name. I was very scared but could not react. But finally once I met Dr.Amit Kamle I was relaxed, he is the person who has guided me in difficult situations of my life. He handed me all the original documents and made sure that I am comfortable. I urge & request all the students from Nagpur to come to Russia through A.K.Educational Consultants only.


There were more difficulties that I & my parents had to encounter, within and without. The more significant and the higher in inspiration in my life is Dr.Amit Kamle because of whom I am studying in Kazan State Medical University, Russia.


I and my family thank Dr.Amit Kamle from the bottom of our hearts for making my and my parent's wishes come true. I am proud to be associated with A.K.Educational Consultants & Kazan State Medical University.


Firstly I thank Dr.Amit Kamle for fulfilling my dream to become a doctor. I spoke to across many agents for my admission, but the confidence and reliability that A.K.Educational Consultants, no one gave. I and my parents are very happy for our decision!

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