The University


FEFU is the bearer of traditions of the Russian classical culture, science and education. Far Eastern Federal University has its origins in 1899 at the time when the Oriental Institute was founded in Vladivostok.

Today FEFU is the only classical university in Eastern Russia. It incorporates Schools with generations-old traditions and areas of research that form the core of our intellectual base.

One of the FEFU’s advantages is its geographic location in the centre of the Asia

Pacific region, which is now one of the most dynamically developing parts of the world. This place is the second pole of a world civilization, which includes the leading counties of the globe, such as China, the United States, Japan, India and many world-famed metropolitan cities, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Seoul. Being a link or a cultural bridge between Russia and this part of the world remains one of the FEFU’s main objectives. This is the reason why our University is not only a pathway to your professional future, but also a road into the future of the entire country, where all motivated, hardworking and talented young people will find their rightful places!

We are sure that through combining our endeavours we shall be able to achieve our shared objectives.

FEFU Administration and AKEC

A.K.Educational Consultants is authorized & recognised by the Far Eastern Federal University to recruit foreign students to the Faculty of Foreign Students for studies in English Medium at the Far Eastern Federal University.


Vladivostok city

Vladivostok is a city and the administrative centre of Primorsky Krai, Russia, located around the Golden Horn Bay. The city is the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet and the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean.

General Medicine Faculty at School of Biomedicine

The School develops its own educational standards and curricula reflecting recent global research achievements in biomedicine, pharmacy, nutritional technologies, and nano-biotechnologies.

Leading foreign scientists actively participate in teaching.

The School performs most prominent research in the following areas:

  • Biomedical cellular technologies, molecular medicine, and development of generic and cellular technologies
  • Innovative medicine
  • Biotechnology and bio-safety of special and functional nutrition food products
  • Nuclear medicine, molecular radiobiology, and medical application of ion beams

Establishment of the following world level research centres has been recently requested by large corporations:

  • Nuclear Medicine Center
  • Drug Design and Development Center
  • Genomic and Regenerative Medicine Center

Research teams of the School specialize in the following narrow fields:

  • Development of novel anti-cancer drugs based on molecular biotechnologies and high-throughput screening of natural compounds.
  • Biopolymers, pharmacologically active metabolites, and mechanisms of molecular recognition in marine organisms for development of novel biomedical technologies.
  • New genetic constructs and products of cell technologies for cancer diagnostics and treatment.
  • Biocompatible materials and bio-artificial human tissues analogs for regenerative medicine.
  • Modeling of structure and dynamics of biomolecules and molecular complexes by methods of theoretical physics.
  • Development of technologies for extraction, purification, and standardization of biologically active compounds from marine and terrestrial animals and plants as a basis for creation of novel drugs, dietary supplements and functional food products.


The School of Biomedicine is supervising preparation of the world class FEFU Medical Center, which will become a School’s subdivision. Construction of the Medical Center facilities and installing its equipment has been recently finished. The Center includes a clinic with the medical equipment supplied by the leading companies in this field: Siemens, Philips and others.

The Center will provide specialized high tech medical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation services for people of the Russian Far East and other countries.

The Clinic includes 11 medical departments, specializing in neurology and neurosurgery, traumatology, orthopedics, endoprosthetic replacement and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology; uronephrology, surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, interventional cardiology, child health, women’s health, resuscitation and intensive care.

The other subdivisions of the Clinic include policlinics for adult and children and a hospital with 200 beds. This hospital will have several sections: surgical, pediatric, therapeutic, day care, and intensive care. Each section provides single and double comfortable rooms. A rehabilitation center with a 100 room hotel will be an integral part of the clinic.

The Surgery Section of the Center includes seven modern operating rooms. A unique surgery robot has been already installed in one of them. This robot, DAVINCI, can be remotely operated by a surgeon.

The specialized operating rooms are equipped for cardiac surgery, X-ray controlled vascular, cardio and neuron-manipulations, trauma surgery and neurosurgical procedures, and emergency shock.treatment/

Diagnostics for patients will be conducted by the Center for Functional Diagnostics and Endoscopy, Center for Laboratory Diagnostics and Radiology Center, including Positron-Emoission Tomography (PET), Computer-Aided Tomography (CAT-scanner), and 3t MRI scanner.

Research in biomedicine will be an important function of the Center. The School of Biomedicine will develop and implement new technologies of diagnostics and treatment, and train the personnel for the Clinics.

FEFU MC uses medical equipment produced by leaders of the medical industry  such as Siemens, Philips, Draeger, Karl Storz as it provides specialized high-technology medical assistance, diagnostics and rehabilitation for both Russian and international patients.

FEFU MC incorporates 14 medical departments that specialize in neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, women’s health, otorhinolaryngology, urinology, general surgery, internal medicine, rehabilitation, interventional cardiology, child health, intensive care unit. Each unit provides accommodation options –double rooms, comfortable single and VIP. Rehabilitation Center with 100-room hotel capacity is an integral part of FEFU MC.

Patient diagnostics is conducted by Diagnosis Center, Laboratory Diagnosis Center and by Radiology Center that uses Positron-Emission Tomography (PET/CT) and 3Tesla MRI scanner.

Biomedical testing is an important part of operational work of FEFU MC.

FEFU MC has a strong partnership with FEFU School of Biomedicine and Pacific State Medical University. Together these two large university develop and test new technologies of medical treatment and diagnostics, and teach future experts in the medical field.

University Campus

Students can commute around FEFU campus on the free shuttle buses, which run on the close-loop route as they connect the Northern and the Southern parts of the campus. The total length of route is about 6 kilometres.
The shuttle bus route includes the following stops:

Building A (from the side of the Central gate) – Building 8 – Building 7- Building 6 – Building 5 – Building 3 – Building А (from the side of the sea) – Building 9 – Building 10 – Building 11; and reversely: Building 11 – Building 10 – Building 9 – Building А (from the side of the sea) – Building 3 – Building 5 – Building 6 – Building 7 – Building 8 – Building G – Building A (from the side of the Central gate).

Schedule of the shuttle buses on the territory of FEFU campus on Russky Island: beginning of operations: 7.50; end of operations: 20.25; shuttle buses run every 6 minutes.


FEFU Hostel Complex at Russky Island offers students different accommodation options at the dormitory rooms where they can study, get rest and meet with their friends.

Dormitory rooms have all the required furniture items already installed. Bedding items are given to the students at their check-in. Rooms are cleaned by maintainable personnel every week.

Every floor of the each dormitory building has kitchen areas for students’ individual cooking with all the required kitchen equipment installed. Besides, the dormitory buildings are equipped with the laundry rooms for students’ individual washing.

The following accommodation options are available for the FEFU students: double rooms, two-room suites for 3 tenants and two-room suites for 4 tenants.

The following options are available for full-time students, students enrolled in continuous education programs, interns studying at FEFU, and prospective students waiting for their enrolment as freshmen.

Campus Medical Assistance

For medical emergencies requiring immediate attention, call the 24-hour emergency medical services at 030.


There are many canteens within the University campus at the students disposal



The library at the FEFU campus is well developed and all the Indian books are available at the students disposal.

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